Teacher Profile: Kaichi Ho

Kaichi Ho

Kaichi Ho

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

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    About Kaichi Ho

    Kaichi Ho is a pianist, guitarist, and music therapist born and raised in Taiwan. She earned her Bachelor's degree in music at National Taitung University and moved to the United States to pursue her dream. In 2020, she obtained her Master's degree in Music Therapy from Ohio University.

    Shortly after graduating, Kaichi worked a s a music therapist in a hospice while also teaching virtual piano lessons. During her undergraduate studies, Kaichi taught at an elementary school and a cram school, in addition to providing private piano lessons for children. In graduate school, she continued to offer private piano lessons for both elementary school students and high schoolers.

    Kaichi embarked on her piano journey at the age of 5 and she never stop playing and practicing. Eventually, she attended a music school in Taiwan during high school. Since 2015, Kaichi has also been learning and playing the guitar, incorporating it into her music therapy sessions with patients and clients. She enjoys teaching students of all ages as well as conducting music therapy session with elder adults.

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