Teacher Profile: Jose Torres

Jose Torres

Jose Torres

Instrument(s): Viola, Violin

City: Miami/South Florida

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    About Jose Torres

    Jose was born in Colombia in 1982 and his musical talent was noticed by his parents at a very early age. Jose was given some musical instruments during his childhood and during elementary school, he attended guitar and violin lessons. After high school graduation, Jose started violin master classes at Antonio Maria Valencia Conservatory in Cali and then at the National Symphonic Orchestra Conservatory in San Jose when his parents moved to Costa Rica in 2001.

    Once Torres family returned to Colombia, Jose played violin in some philharmonic orchestras during some years, also played violin with some Salsa famous artists and orchestras during Cali's festivals. Due to his musical experience, patience and teaching skills, Jose became a violin teacher in some private and public schools.

    As a complement of Jose's musical career, he attended College from 2004 to 2008 and achieved a Bachelor Science degree in Industrial Engineering. Then worked as a Project Manager for six years at Carvajal Company, however never stopped playing and teaching violin.

    After combining music and engineering for many years, in August 2016, as a pursuit of new and better opportunities, Jose moved to Miami with his wife and 4 years old son, which is his favorite violin student.

    Beyond teaching methods and violin techniques to learn how to play such a difficult and wonderful instrument at the same time, Jose's main goal is to guide violin lovers in their conquest of that instrument in such a way they can enjoy music, develop and share their talent.

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