Teacher Profile: Jordan Shalhoup

Jordan Shalhoup

Jordan Shalhoup

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

City: Denver


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    About Jordan Shalhoup

    Jordan Shalhoup is a professional touring musician and teacher
    from Atlanta, GA. He has a music degree from GA State
    University in the heart of downtown Atlanta. He grew up playing
    saxophone, guitar, clarinet, all saxes, flutes, piano, anything he
    could get his hands on. He was influenced by many different
    artists as his parents enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music
    including the Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Carley Simon, Stevie
    Wonder, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, MTV, etc. As a teenager,
    Jordan was finally introduced to Sonny Rollins! That was the
    catalyst that inspired him to commit his life's work to the love of
    music and the saxophone!

    As a member of the jazz community and a member of the
    R&B/pop world, Jordan Shalhoup performed with an eclectic
    range of musicians over the span of his career in Atlanta.
    Including THE Zac Brown Band, Coy Bowles and the Fellowship,
    Kenny Garret, Slide Hampton, Nicholas Payton, David Sanchez,
    Kevin Bales, Sam Skelton, Dr Gordon Vernick, Yacht Rock,
    Electric Avenue, many more! After 28 years in Atlanta he and his
    family have relocated to the Denver area and are very excited
    about performing, teaching, and living in the mountains.

    Not only is Jordan a strong Saxophone teacher but he's also a
    committed piano, guitar, clarinet, composition, theory teacher!
    He's is currently performing with several jazz bands, rock bands,
    electronic, touring/festival bands (Electric Avenue and Yacht
    Rock), not to mention his own original projects. Look for his
    performances in the Denver area!

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