Teacher Profile: John Smith

John Smith

John Smith

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Houston

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    About John Smith

    John Smith is an accomplished music therapist at the Michael DeBakey VA Medical Center. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Sam Houston State in 2014, followed by a Masters’ Degree in Music with a focus in Music Therapy in 2021. His thesis explored the relationship between gross motor coordination and the effects of repetition from drum set performance.

    Since 2015, John has worked with a diverse range of people, beginning his career in mental health and children with intellectual and physical disabilities, before focusing on rehabilitating veterans dealing with substance abuse, and traumatic brain injuries.

    John is a classically trained vocalist and percussionist , with a wide range of experience playing and performing both instruments since 2006. He also brings a wealth of knowledge taken from his music therapy sessions, using his skills in guitar and piano. John loves to share his knowledge and passion for music with his students. In teaching lessons since 2015, John has been able to help countless students do anything from master a new instrument to helping them tackle their fear of performing for an audience.

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