Teacher Profile: John Daues

John Daues

John Daues

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Houston

Education: University of Houston

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    About John Daues

    John Daues is a music composer, producer, and lessons teacher. John started playing music as a teenager, after being inspired by rock bands like Green Day and My Chemical Romance. He jumped right in, playing trumpet in marching band, and taking electric guitar lessons. This eventually led to participation in recording sessions at studios in Houston, where he found a passion for making music. John thrives in a studio setting, getting to write and produce music, or having great 1 on 1 lessons with all of the resources a studio can offer.

    John will always enjoy getting to geek out and be creative! Art, music, poetry, movies or tv shows, comics, books, all of these things are fair game and enjoyable topics to him! If it's "nerd," it's probably John! John keeps a really positive and fun attitude going in music lessons or studio settings. John believes that everyone finds their groove when they're having FUN, and feeling encouraged to participate!

    During his college years, John studied Sociology and received a Bachelor's and Master's degree. During this time, he learned useful skills that assist musical entrepreneurship. He was able to lecture and teach labs as a TA, and found joy in the challenge to provide quality teaching. He also learned useful strategies related to research and methods, which has always helped me make clear and practical plans for my music goals.

    John's promise as a teacher at Lessons in Your Home is to be genuine, fun, and committed to his students. He wants music to be a source of joy for them, like it is for him!

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