Teacher Profile: Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Washington, DC

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    About Jessica Taylor

    Jessica (Jessie) Taylor is a multi-instrumental music instructor who is excited to share the experience of learning an instrument with her students! She works with a wide variety of ages on guitar, ukulele, voice, and piano and began her own musical journey as a child taking guitar lessons. She recounts some of her favorite experiences as performing at school events, open mics, and recitals.

    Jessie’s love of music turned into a career during her time at James Madison University. She started teaching music as an interest, and this quickly turned into a passion for her, as she found a calling close to her heart. She feels very privileged to help every, unique student on their musical journey and lead them to success. Learning can seem so daunting when it’s a completely new piece, or idea, at any level, so her philosophy is based on working from simplicity first, then turning these simple ideas into quick progress.

    With guitar and ukulele students, Jessie enjoys teaching the “campfire guitar-style” and makes it a point to include work on chord progressions as part of her curriculum. Smooth changes, consistent strumming, and fingerpicking patterns are all important factors in developing guitar proficiency, and she finds students both have fun and learn practical fundamentals for continued study. She also teaches tabs, music theory, scales, note-reading, rhythm & notation, and other topics alongside the chord training to bring a well-rounded approach that can be built upon. Song-writing is another area she frequently explores with guitar students.

    With piano and voice students, Jessie follows a method-based approach to develop strong technique and note-reading skills. Voice study is a frequent supplement to piano and guitar amongst her students, and she loves teaching them how to self-accompany and develop a multi-instrument approach. As a foundational instrument, Jessie places a lot of importance on reading notation and rhythms with piano students to enable them to develop playing independence.

    Jessie loves working with students of all ages, including young beginners and adults who would like to develop a strong foundation on guitar, ukulele, piano, or voice. She teaches through positivity and simplicity and helps students experience the fun of learning an instrument every step of the way!

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