Teacher Profile: Jessica Clemente

Jessica Clemente

Jessica Clemente

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion, Piano, Voice

City: Miami/South Florida

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    About Jessica Clemente

    Jessica loves teaching voice, piano, and percussion! Jessica earned her Master of Arts in Jazz Studies at Georgia State University in 2021 and graduated with Masters in History-Documental Heritage of Music at San Geronimo de la Habana College in 2015. As a Music teacher, Jessica has taught at Music Conservatory of Matanzas, Cuba and National Music School of Havana, Cuba, and as a performer, Jessica has performed with the Matanzas Symphonic Orchestra, University of Arts Symphonic Orchestra, and Failde Youth Band and Suns of Cuba.

    Jessica believes that having a close connection with her students is really what makes teaching music rewarding. As a professional performer, Jessica is part of the Montuno Productions Agency, which promotes folkloric music from Latin American and the Caribbean. Jessica recognizes that each student is a new world of energy, emotions, sensibility and creativity.

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