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Jesse Weatherwax

Jesse Weatherwax

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Orlando


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About Jesse Weatherwax

Jesse Weatherwax has been teaching music courses, guitar lessons, and singing lessons since the year 2000, when he was enrolled in college at Full Sail University. During his time at Full Sail, Jesse learned the music business, recording engineering, and learned more about singing techniques, creating harmonies, and teaching piano, bass, and drums.

Jesse graduated from Full Sail top of his class and earned his way into working at TransContinental Studios in Orlando, FL where N Sync, Backstreet Boys, and many other pop singing bands were created. Learning more singing knowledge from his experience at this studio, Jesse continued working at other studios in town and eventually opened up his own home recording studio where he recorded local bands and artists, in addition to his own music.

After moderate success with his own band, Jesse started to venture out into giving more lessons and also learning more about marketing and sales to increase his own skillset. After leaving TransContinental Studios, Jesse was contacted by his previous co-workers and offered a job teaching at Full Sail, the same college he graduated from. Jesse accepted the position and received high remarks from students and exemplary performance from his Director of Education. Jesse then decided to work for more local studios and even taught at another college in town, F.I.R.S.T. Institute.

In addition to teaching hundreds of students at these colleges, Jesse also took time to learn the retail side, and took part-time jobs working retail sales at Sam Ash Music and Guitar Center, to give him a better understanding of the industry. Currently, Jesse is completely focused on giving lessons full-time and also on recording his own album, which he hopes to release this year.

Jesse has a very positive attitude, and tends to develop wonderful relationships with parents and students; even receiving testimonials about how much students enjoyed the lessons, but also how students had improved attitudes towards their own family and those around them. These high remarks have given Jesse a wonderful opportunity to not only teach music to students and enhance their desire for the arts, but also to build their personalities into more positive and influential characters of society.

Jesse finds the best thing about teaching is the Joy he is able to receive and give to students with learning music and a new instrument. Students and parents feel comfortable, safe, and open, and usually consider Jesse a personal friend after receiving a few lessons.

In addition to the awards mentioned above, Jesse has received performance awards from F.I.R.S.T. Institute, won 1st prize in a guitar competition, won 3rd place in a Blues Competition at Guitar Center, and is an accomplished Eagle Scout, from the Boy Scouts of America.

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