Teacher Profile: Jennifer Winson

Jennifer Winson

Jennifer Winson

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle


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    About Jennifer Winson

    "Music! It is our companion, our friend, our voice, and among the greatest of arts! It soars to the highest heights and plunges to the deepest depths of the human experience."-J Winson

    Mrs. Jennifer Winson is thrilled to be a teacher of music, fine art and academics to students and families in the Seattle/eastside area for over 10 years. Her teaching degree has given her the tools to create piano lessons that are fun, engaging and fruitful. They are also tailored precisely to meet the development, interest, sensitivity and needs of her students. She takes great care with her holistic approach to teaching music recognizing that learning music has benefits for all aspects of who we are.

    Mrs. Winson's musical background is broad and serves her in meeting the many interests of her students. She was classically trained in piano from the age of seven until college. She also played in the Jazz Orchestra in high school, alongside writing her own musical compositions. She played with a band, during her undergraduate studies, at local venues as well as entertaining solo.

    After earning a BFA at Northwest College of Art, she went on to earn her Post Graduate Degree in Waldorf Education. It was there she discovered her passion for teaching! Since then; Jennifer has had the privilege of holding private music lessons for all ages, working as a specialty teacher leading music and fine art classes for elementary and middle school students, in addition to running her own elementary school classroom at Three Cedars Waldorf School in Bellevue.

    Students often stay with Mrs. Winson for many years because of her caring warmth, enthusiasm, and the wonderful relationship that develops through discovering music. It is Mrs. Winson's passion and privilege to watch her students blossom and grow through many years of working together.

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