Teacher Profile: Jacob Curran

Jacob Curran

Jacob Curran

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Seattle

Education: University of Washington

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    About Jacob Curran

    Jacob Curran teaches guitar and piano to students of all ages and is a musician deeply involved in Seattle’s local music scene. Living in Everett, he books and promotes for Tony V’s and plays with bands and musicians all over the Greater Seattle Area. He has a passion for education, having taught and tutored students of various disciplines and of all abilities and ages. Jacob believes music has the power to change people’s lives for the better and he teaches it to others because he wants to share that gift with the world.

    Jacob has played guitar since 2014 and studied piano and Music Theory at Edmonds Community College in 2019 under Debra Demiero. Using what he learned of music theory he went on to self-teach his other instruments and maintains a love of playing and performing music to this day.

    His foremost music project is Counterproductive, a three-piece Alternative Rock band, that has played together for five years. He sings and plays guitar for the group, which regularly performs at venues in Bellingham, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. They find themselves at home in the underground house show scene, but have been known to play Lucky Dime, Tony V’s, the Funhouse, Real Art Tacoma and the Blue Room. They also have toured the West Coast once and hope to do it again in the coming years.

    His method draws inspiration from his own self study which consists of learning music theory, taking lessons from teachers and professionals as well as excerpts from textbooks, lived experience and imitation of the greats. In so doing, Jacob has cultivated a unique and irreplaceable perspective on the instruments he plays. He hopes that perspective will encourage his students to see the many dimensions of what it means to ‘play' their instrument.

    With Jacob, the basics are fundamental. Your student will get the scale diagrams to practice, the chord sheets to drill, the tips and tricks to advance as a beginner or intermediate musician in a variety of styles and genres. With time, hard work and patience, your student will come to discover the difference between a good musician and a great musician, what makes a great song and how you can make your mark on the incredible world of music.

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