Teacher Profile: Jackson Feroe

Jackson Feroe

Jackson Feroe

Instrument(s): Bass, Guitar, Piano, Trombone, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Jackson Feroe

    Jackson Feroe began playing trombone in 2003 and started guitar in 2007. He was fortunate to attend a central Maryland public school system where orchestral and wind band music was available and encouraged at a young age. Music was also important and influential to most members of the large family Jackson grew up with. Music gave Jackson vision and focus and provided him with the most productive and positive form of self expression. It became a way to connect with others and make friends.

    Jackson has dedicated much time to performing and recording in many different bands of various genres including classical, jazz, rock, funk, folk, blues, heavy metal and fusion. He studied with Dr. Drew Leslie and Dr. Herald McKinney and has performed with several different classical and jazz ensembles while studying at Caldwell Community College and Appalachian State University in Boone North Carolina.

    Jackson has worked as a freelance music teacher for many years in the Mid Atlantic and Appalachia regions before relocating to Colorado in 2018. Jackson has worked with guitar, trombone and ukulele students and has instructed children of all ages and young adults. His teaching style strives to balance and fulfill the big picture of music in his students lives. Students will focus on and progress in music that they are working on for school band or orchestra. Students will also study and excel with music that they are most interested in learning for their own enjoyment and music that will help them thoroughly understand their instruments and build skills to become the most well rounded musicians they can be.

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