Teacher Profile: Evan Frank

Evan Frank

Evan Frank

Instrument(s): Bass, Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice

City: Orlando

Education: Rollins College

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    About Evan Frank

    Since the age of 5, Evan has been drumming on tables, playing air guitar with spoons and humming while chewing. When it became apparent that something needed to be done, his mother purchased him a beginner’s guitar and introduced him to an entirely new world of creativity and self-expression. Fast forward 10 years and you would find him leading his first pop-rock band, taking vocal lessons, and purchasing a drum set. At 18, he began dabbling in bass guitar and before long was a self-reliant studio musician. He would compose all of the instrumentation needed for a song, enter the studio and play every part. His love of songwriting and studio work laid the foundation for his career in teaching music. He quickly realized that he had a gift worth sharing. Finding his patience for 8-hour computer screen days deteriorating, he chose to focus his time and attention on face-to-face interactions and live performances.

    Today, Evan is the leader of two professional live cover bands. When he's not entertaining crowds all over Florida, he is teaching after-school guitar programs and private music lessons on guitar, piano, and voice. The subject specialties are vast and diverse. He has trained vocal students preparing for plays, singer-songwriters who record and perform, bucket-list electric guitar players, bass thumpers, and even home studio enthusiasts who simply want to establish a home base for recording. Evan is a patient, influential, and passionate teacher who hopes to share the joy that music can bring to his community.

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