Teacher Profile: Eric Ferrer

Eric Ferrer

Eric Ferrer

Instrument(s): Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Voice, Ukulele

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Eric Ferrer

Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, and composer Eric Andres Ferrer; graduated from Miami Dade Music College earning a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition, has been teaching private music lessons for over 8 years and currently enjoys instructing, recording, and rehearsing for multiple ongoing collaborative projects.

Mr. Ferrer encourages his students to see the fun in working hard. He understands that having fun with music lessons, combined with intuitive practice helps the individual find their role in the progress of music.

Eric's lessons will show you how music is the gap between understanding you and the world around you. Eric Ferrer's teaching style not only provides incentives on using creativity but as well as the tools you already have right at your fingertips. The use of technology in Eric's lessons positively reinforces the changing habit to practice creativity on devices. This incentive has become the definition on how to embrace future routines and regimens in music learning.

Mr. Ferrer really enjoys teaching and wants to help his students create a life-long bond with music.

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