Teacher Profile: Emely Roque-Hernandez

Emely Roque-Hernandez

Emely Roque-Hernandez

Instrument(s): Viola, Violin

City: Houston

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    About Emely Roque-Hernandez

    Originally from Los Angeles, Emely moved to Houston when she was 10 years old. It was around this time that she became deeply interested in playing an instrument. Even though she came from a home that could not afford private lessons and rented instruments, she continued on and with the help of a her school teachers, she was able to learn to play violin and viola. Since then, Emely has actively pursued further education on violin, through local teachers and resources. Her high school orchestra director, Mr. Mack, is someone she considers an especially important mentor.

    Emely currently teaches in schools across the Houston area through the prestigious Coda Music Program, run by the Houston Symphony. She enjoys seeing the progress her students make, and loves to have fun in all her lessons. She knows that every student is different, and her lessons are uniquely formatted to meet each student's needs.

    In her time outside of teaching and playing, Emely does graphic design, traditional art, and frequently cooks and bakes for her friends and family.

    Emely values any opportunity to grow and learn, and continues to seek out knowledge on topics both inside and outside of music. She strives to be a role model that her students look up to, just as her mentors were and are for her.

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