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Elena Ramos

Elena Ramos

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Miami/South Florida


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    About Elena Ramos

    Elena B. Ramos has always had a great passion for music since at the young age of seven. One of her favorite memories as a pianist was when she succeeded in playing one of her favorite songs from memory. Elena's first piano teacher, Maria Elvira Cambra at Wagner Music Conservatory, whom she was with for many years, was truly an inspiration and Elena was featured with her in a newspaper article with a superior plus top rating for an excellent performance. In addition, Elena accomplished the highest scores for piano instruction fulfilling all prescribed requirements from Wagner Music Conservatory, Inc. Additionally, she was accepted and participated in various church choirs for piano accompaniment by ear and sight reading with incorporated improvisation as well as in the church youth groups. While Elena was teaching at Henry M. Flagler Elementary School in Miami, FL for several years, Elena planned student projects and music school functions for children ages five to eight. As a Music Instructor, Elena has taught piano, theory and prepared lesson plans for Pre-K and Elementary level students. Learning various playing styles enables a pianist to enjoy and play in any genre by incorporating different styles to invent his or her masterpiece. Throughout her teaching experiences, Elena has been committed to the student's needs and goals and to contribute to the student's success, which in the end is the most
    rewarding feeling.

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