Teacher Profile: Davis-Jay Harris

Davis-Jay Harris

Davis-Jay Harris

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver


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    About Davis-Jay Harris

    With a passion for artistic expression, Davis-Jay Harris has immersed himself in playing piano, traditional and digital illustration, and 3D animation. He has taken piano lessons from Thomas Giomi, an accompanist for the Denver Waldorf since he was twelve years old. He enjoys playing classical, video game and symphonic music, mainly from composers like Frederic Chopin, and Yoko Shimomura.

    Davis has performed for local cafes in the Downtown area, and for a large mass of people as well. He performed at the Denver Art Museum for one of their monthly events known as Untitled Fridays where certain local artists are given the opportunity to feature their art This event in particular featured Michael Sperandeo where he created a VR gaming experience in the exhibit, with music that is a combination of electronic synth and classical piano, which Davis has provided piano performances for.

    Davis prioritizes exploring the joy of learning music above everything else, and will do his best to make learning music as interesting as possible.

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