Teacher Profile: Dakota Perez

Dakota Perez

Dakota Perez

Instrument(s): Drums, Piano

City: Denver

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    About Dakota Perez

    Dakota has always held an immense passion for music and the creative arts. Even before learning how to play the drums, there was always a fascination with music and the drums themselves. Through his working experience, Dakota quickly learned that he had a passion for teaching and training other people, so he followed his passions to combine the two! Dakota learned very quickly that it doesn't make sense to treat and teach everyone the same because every person and student is uniquely different. In light of that, he makes sure to figure out each and everyone individually and discover what works best for them.

    Dakota's previous students have raved about his lessons saying how fun and accessible they are. He feels that the most important thing is enjoying what's being taught and learned so that way motivation can come as naturally as possible. Through research and self practice, Dakota has made positive reinforcement a staple of his teaching methods and skills to encourage his students that even if a lesson or specific piece of music is difficult for that person, they WILL be able to get it if they try.

    Dakota is a Colorado native and has lived in Colorado almost his entire life. He loves all animals so if you have a fur-baby in your home they are bound to get along great! He also enjoys fantasy/sci fi/fiction books and movies as well as a fun chess match and is always thrilled to "nerd out" with anyone with similar interests!

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