Teacher Profile: Colton Stone

Colton Stone

Colton Stone

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Orlando

Education: Florida Gateway College

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    About Colton Stone

    From an early age, Colton was in love with music. Starting with dancing under the seatbelt in his parents car whenever the radio was on, it wouldn't be long before he picked up an instrument. His first introduction to playing music was picking out songs by ear on a keyboard his father found in a trash bin. After his father fixed the issue with it, a four year old Colton happily began poking away at the keys until he found songs he had heard before.

    Fast forward years down the road, Colton was actively pursuing a career in music. He joined the Gateway City Big Band, a 20 piece jazz orchestra, where he would meet his musical mentor Matt Johns. Matt had played with the Glenn Miller orchestra on multiple instruments, and was an accomplished studio musician and producer. Matt took Colton under his wing and began teaching him all about music, recording, live sound, and building a career in music.

    Ever a student, Colton has always looked for more information to learn. He has studied with artists like Victor Wooten, Joseph Anidjar, and Chavis Flagg, along with musicians like Adam Rafowitz of Archecho, Josh Jonian of the U.S. Navy Band and Paul Keck of the University of Florida drum line.

    Colton has also performed in may live and studio settings along side artists of many different styles ranging from pop, rock, jazz and gospel. Artist that he's played behind include Travis Greene, Hallie Davis, and Denver Bierman, among others. Bands that Colton has been a member of include the Gateway City Big Band, Alive worship, and the Matt Johns band, to name a few.

    Colton brings a spirit of excellence in every thing he does, and enjoys bringing love of music to the lives of those around him. He has taught music lessons since 2016 and strives to help his students have the tools they need to achieve their musical goals no matter how big or small.

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