Teacher Profile: Coleman Shickman

Coleman Shickman

Coleman Shickman

Instrument(s): French Horn, Horns, Music Theory, Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Tuba

City: Dallas

Education: University of North Texas

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    About Coleman Shickman

    Coleman Shickman has been an avid piano player as long as he can remember. He has studied Piano, Organ and Music theory at the University of North Texas and now is excited to teach these skills to others. Coleman has taught music at several summer camps and attended multiple masterclasses on song education and leadership.

    Coleman Shickman has performed with many groups, including the Plano West Percussion ensemble and the UNT Green Brigade, with both brass instruments and piano in Front Ensemble. He has taken multiple leadership classes during his time in Marching Band, and has worked with staff at the University of North Texas in developing his teaching abilities.

    Coleman Shickman has a passion for Music theory, and its expression through the piano, which he believes is foundational to all musical learning. He loves seeing theory and music "click" for students, when they can apply what they've learned to any piece, no matter how new or difficult.

    Coleman is also engaged in the community, volunteering at his local Synagogue choir as well as helping at the day school. In his spare time, he competes in fencing, and does 3d modelling and design for a local business.

    Coleman Shickman cannot wait to help his students build a strong and lasting foundation of music.

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