Teacher Profile: Christopher Ziadi

Christopher Ziadi

Christopher Ziadi

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Washington Adventist University

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    About Christopher Ziadi

    Christopher Ziadi is a flute and piano instructor based in the Washington, D.C. area. A dedicated teacher and performer, he hopes to inspire each student to find a deep appreciation of music.

    Music has always filled Christopher's life. He first picked up the flute when he was 9 and started his piano studies at age 12. While continuing his education on both instruments through middle and high school, Christopher discovered that music was his life's passion. He pursued this aspiration and earned his Bachelor's Degree from Washington Adventist University in Piano and Flute Performance.

    After graduating from WAU, Christopher toured internationally with the New England Symphonic Ensemble in England, Greece, South Africa, and other countries. He was also part of the Mid-America Productions concert series held at Carnegie Hall in New York. In addition, Christopher performs as a piano accompanist in various churches, with which he has been active throughout his professional career. Primarily a classical musician, he is influenced by composers and performers who pushed the language of music to something more than background parlor music -- the undefinable power that composers try to bring forth, that performers try to tame.

    Christopher has over 15 years of teaching experience with all ages and believes building a relationship is key to helping students learn. He strives to make lessons fun and engaging while encouraging his students to reach for every goal they dare to dream. Understanding that each student is unique, Christopher tailors an approach that works best for them. Most of all, he hopes that each student will develop an intense love of music to carry with them forever.

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