Teacher Profile: Christopher Volkstorf

Christopher  Volkstorf

Christopher Volkstorf

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Washington, DC


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    About Christopher Volkstorf

    Christopher has been a musician and guitarist since 1985, and over the years developed a versatile and entertaining style of guitar playing. Chris has performed in several bands (Hot Buttered Elvis, Bloody Meri, SUPERFAMOUS, CB Radio) and has extensive experience both on stage and in the recording studio. With his love for all kinds of music, from blues and blues-based styles like rock and jazz, to more esoteric and atmospheric genres, Chris devotes much of his time to writing songs and instrumental music.

    Chris began teaching soon after he started playing to many young local teenage friends and students. The vast majority of his early years as a guitarist were spent enjoying Guitar Player, Guitar World, and other music publications. He strongly believes that these are an invaluable resource for any musician interested in improving. Chris also taught formally at Audio Light & Musical in Norfolk VA for six years, teaching over 30 students per week.

    Chris feels that music is another form of communication, and the most important and rewarding aspect is being able to play with others. He mainly focuses on rhythmic studies, synchronization of the hands, and being able to feel the “groove” inherent in all styles. During his instruction, Chris also includes theory related elements like intervals, scales, arpeggios, counting, harmony, and musical structures, as well as reading and writing both traditional notation and tablature

    Christopher’s musical horizons were expanded through his studies. He encourages students to play rhythmically more than anything, and shows them early in their study how to concentrate and listen. To be a successful musician, Chris believes a player needs to learn how to lock in with other musicians (especially with drums). With all students, he believes in setting strong foundations that develops the whole student from the start. Christopher hopes to continue to inspire his students to find what music means to them and develop greater forms of expression.

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