Teacher Profile: Cameron Hancock

Cameron Hancock

Cameron Hancock

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle

Education: Whitman College

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    About Cameron Hancock

    Cam Hancock has been playing drums since he could find a surface to bang on. He was fortunate to have a family that was both tolerant of noise and encouraging of musical discovery. At age 10 he acquired his first drum set and started taking lessons at first privately and then through school. He's always had an affinity for everything rhythm and though the drums came naturally, it was in thanks to early teachers that he stuck with it.

    Growing up and attending public schools in Vermont, he received a foundational education and soon took a shining towards jazz and playing in rock bands. This interest was amplified by a few summers at rock music camp in Burlington, VT and from there he was propelled into the drums full speed. Through high school he played in the concert and jazz bands, earning spots in the district and all-state ensembles in both categories.

    Though his formal education in drums dwindled soon after high school, his playing and interest in music only grew. He attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA earning a bachelor's degree in Biology and Environmental Studies and playing in incredibly loud and incredibly fun college bands. Cam found a true passion in getting on the stage, whether it be in a basement or an auditorium, and playing music for others.

    Soon after college he moved to Seattle and immediately began to form a band so he could play live. This band, The Whags, has played extensively in Seattle and has toured twice since its inception in 2017 alongside releasing their debut album this past April. He is also a member in local bands Coral Grief and Lightweight Champion and has played many of Seattle's storied venues such as the Tractor Tavern, The Crocodile and the Sunset and performed at festivals ranging from SXSW to Treefort Music Fest to Capitol Hill Block Party.

    Cam hopes to instill some of this passion for playing in bands into his students and strives to provide a musical experience that differs from the traditional classroom. Understanding that there are all types of learners, his approach strikes a balance between learning the foundations and exploring the different, and fun, ways to build from the basics. He's excited to discover the methods that work for each student and to inspire a love for music that can last a lifetime. Aside from music Cam enjoys baking pies, growing tomatoes and cruising around the city on his bike.

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