Teacher Profile: Basem Za'arour

Basem Za'arour

Basem Za'arour

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Orlando

The Jordanian Academy of Music, SEA Institute

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About Basem Za'arour

Basem Za'arour is a pianist and composer who graduated from the Jordan Academy of Music in 1999 where he majored in piano, in addition to studying the flute. He is now looking to continue his great passion of teaching music. Basem's first music teacher was his own mother, who raised him in a musical family. He is now a proud father of a beautiful 7-year-old triplets and their younger 5-year-old brother, and he enjoys teaching all of them the piano on a daily basis.
Basem served as the band manager of the Jordanian christian music band "Voice of Praise" for 15 years prior to moving to Florida. Moreover, he has over 20 years of teaching experience, and has taught students of all ages and levels of advancement. He is patient and accommodating to different student personalities and preferred method of learning. He is passionate about playing pieces that blend Eastern Arabic scales with Western contemporary influences. In addition to the piano, Basem also teaches flute & accordion.

The Jordanian Academy of Music, SEA Institute

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