Teacher Profile: Avys Burroughs

Avys Burroughs

Avys Burroughs

Instrument(s): Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet

City: Atlanta

Education: Clayton State University Georgia State University

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    About Avys Burroughs

    Avys Burroughs is a saxophonist, composer, and music guide. He studied music and jazz at Clayton State University, as well as Georgia State University. He has and performed in Atlanta and throughout the U.S. for several years. He loves teaching students and takes pride in watching his students develop as musicians. Students will find that he is just as excited to see them progress as they are! Avys tries to encourage and motivate students to achieve the goals they have set, as well as give them the tools necessary to evaluate and exceed those goals. Students can expect to gain an appreciation for their personal growth and will enjoy the process as much as they will enjoy the end product.

    Avys believes that his job is to be both a resource and guide throughout the student's process in learning saxophone.

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