Teacher Profile: Atala Mendiola

Atala Mendiola

Atala Mendiola

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Viola, Violin, Voice

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Atala Mendiola

Atala Mendiola has been a music teacher for over 22 years. She began loving music since she was a little girl and was always surrounded by music at home because her father was a self-taught musicologist and a music collector. Atala's mother also played an important role in her musical career because she enrolled her in classes to learn how to play "The Cuatro", her Venezuelan native folk instrument. Atala was also involved in every theatrical and musical experience during her elementary school years.

Atala graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Florida International University in Miami and a Master in Science in Computer Applications to Education, From Barry University, North Miami and began teaching shortly after graduation. For many years, Atala has taught the elementary level and loves to teach adults as well.

Atala is passionate about teaching music and loves to see the happy glowing faces of her students when they master a musical task. She is very positive and encourages her students to do their best according to their ability.

Atala has dedicated most of her life to teaching children to play instruments beginning with the violin. She believes in bringing out the best of her students and believes everyone learns differently. Therefore, her patience translates into perseverance which in the end produces excellent results. Her philosophy for practicing an instrument is: "Every day in every way, a little bit better". This philosophy can also o be applied to other disciplines as well. She initiated and managed successful String Programs during her 22 years as a teacher before retiring. She participated and won the Annual Educator of Note Award 2010 from the Young Patronesses of the Opera, Miami, with Mozart's "The Magic Flute" adapted for young audiences: "Without a Shadow of a Doubt, Shadow Puppets Lighting the Way to Literacy"

Teaching has been a fulfilling experience for Atala. She likes to awaken the sense of wonder in her students with questions like: "I wonder if......you could play this part?" Music Theory is also an important part in Atala's teaching approach. Outside of school, she performed as a singer with Folk Musician Hernan Gamboa famous Venezuelan Cuatro player, with a Musical trio named "Trio Manantial."

Outside of teaching Atala loves her two miniature Schnauzers, Minnie and Candy who are members of the family.

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