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Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Atlanta

Education: Educational Background:

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    About Anthony Randolph

    Born in Pennsylvania to parents that nurtured their young son’s desire to learn his newfound instrument of choice, and began instructing Anthony on the importance of diligent practice.

    Learning patience and fortitude, his humanitarian work in Haiti ignited his desire to help others, regardless if it was through his music, labor or simply through the giving of time and service.

    While in his teens, Anthony began soaking various harmonic influences such as gospel, jazz, classical, and the beats of the islands. A longstanding wish to see the world, and use his music to uplift people, lead Anthony to branch out playing on various gospel recordings, concerts, conferences and theatrical works.

    He studied at the D'Angelo School of Music in Erie, Pa. and Judson University in Elgin,Illinois. All this diligence began to pay off when in 1995 Anthony was asked to play for a Papal Mass, in Baltimore, Maryland where Pope John Paul was visiting. Without question this monumental experience, became the pivotal point in guiding him, to the calling burning inside, which was to fully immerse himself into the lifestyle as a full time musician and to use his gift to help fundraising efforts towards humanitarian causes.

    From Chopin, Debussy, Yanni,Mozart, to George Winston and with every new step Anthony's music evolves into poetic, intellectual, and healing tunes filled with orchestral and ambient interpretations. His desire is to share this love of music with his students.

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