Teacher Profile: Anthony Collier

Anthony Collier

Anthony Collier

Instrument(s): Organ, Piano

City: Miami/South Florida

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    About Anthony Collier

    Anthony Collier was born in Miami Fl. His musical journey began at age 4 when he learned how to play the drums from his father, who is also a guitarist. As Anthony continued to grow up, he developed a love for singing from his mother and trained in a magnet school for choir. He also joined the Miami Central Marching Band by playing in the percussion section. All while he was teaching himself how to play the piano by ear on youtube. He then went on to receive an A.A And B.A in Music Ed/Performance degree from Miami Dade College And FAMU. While at FAMU, he became a touring piano player for the FAMU Connection Recruitment Show where he traveled all around florida, putting on a musical show to encourage incoming freshman to choose FAMU. Immediately after graduating, Anthony became a music teacher who taught students from PreK-12th Grade. That is where he developed his love for teaching music to the next generation of musicians.

    As a teacher, his aim is to help students unlock the meaning and message of any piece of music. For Anthony, teaching and learning are both about exploration, inquiry and experimentation. And he approaches each lesson fully committed to spark a student’s imagination and musical understanding through these principles. The joy in his teaching is seeing students’ ideas develop and being there to guide them each step of the way!

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