Teacher Profile: Anita Lindsey

Anita Lindsey

Anita Lindsey

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Atlanta

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    About Anita Lindsey

    Have you ever seen someone perform a task and then say to yourself, “I want to do that too?” That is what happened with Anita Lindsey. Her older brother was taking piano lessons, and she wanted to do it too! At five years old, Anita had her first goal – to play better than her brother!

    It didn’t take long to realize she had a natural ability to play. Anita enjoyed piano lessons and her teacher sought outlets for her to use her talents. In the fifth grade Anita began to accompany choirs at her school; the trend continued through high school and into college. She participated in band, jazz band, concert choir, and select choir in high school; performed with a show choir in college, and spent many years as a church accompanist. Now she uses her skills to play for weddings and religious services and teaching others to play.

    Anita has been teaching private lessons for nearly 20 years to both youth and adults. She believes a solid foundation in fundamentals and technique is paramount to becoming an accomplished pianist. And she realizes that long-term goals are reached by small steps along the way. It takes time and determination, but playing the piano is a skill everyone can learn. Her systematic approach will enable persons of all ages to achieve their goals.

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