Teacher Profile: Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston

Education: Houston Community College

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    About Anh Nguyen

    Annie Nguyen is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated piano teacher with experience performing and teaching various types of music, from Classical to Modern.

    Annie was born and raised in Vietnam. At the age of 19, she traveled to the United States to study Nursing as an International Student. She did what her family wanted her to do, but deep down in her heart, she knew it was not who she was, and that if she kept going on this path, she would live someone else’s life. But which life is the life of her own? She could not find the meaning in what she was doing.

    Annie decided to take classes outside of her main courses, and her mind was only excited again after taking a piano class. The excitement and joy she found in her heart when she played the piano felt like magic. She received her degree in nursing, and soon after that, she decided to change her studies to Music. Even in the most challenging times in her change of study, there is always excitement, joy, and hope in making music. Annie recently graduated with her degree in music, and she has continued studying piano.

    Annie has enjoyed teaching piano to others so they can find the same love and meaning in it that she has. It is important to her to individualize lessons to each student and their interests to make lessons fun, exciting, and engaging.

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