Teacher Profile: Angel Effa

Angel Effa

Angel Effa

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Dallas

Education: Oregon State University

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    About Angel Effa

    A phenomenal experience with childhood music lessons inspired Angel Effa to not only pursue piano at a professional level, but also to give back to her community the same life-changing experience that learning an instrument had been for her. Developing the ability to fluently sightread by age fourteen was one of the most impactful endeavors that she has undertaken and she hopes that through teaching others, she can be a positive light for students across the DFW metroplex. Angel received private music instruction all throughout her elementary, middle, and high school years from professional pianist, Pamela Fincannon. By age 18, she had received five class music awards and was playing professionally for her church.

    Angel is also thoroughly experienced in the world of education, having TA'ed for classes at all grade levels and even spending many of her high school summers teaching English to foreign exchange students. She has instructed 3rd-6th grades in History, Science, and Math. She has an Associate's Degree in Science, and is currently enrolled in Oregon State University Online eCampus pursuing a Bachelor's of Zoology with the full intent of making the world a better place for creatures of all sizes.

    One of the most important things to Angel is making the world around her a better place. Through giving others the opportunity to follow their musical passion and learn the valuable skills necessary to hone such a craft, she hopes to impact her students on a personal level. She makes sure that students feel safe, secure, and free of judgment while they practice and learn, knowing how vulnerable it can feel to learn something from the ground up. Angel's friends and family describe her as a caring individual that works well with people of all ages, happy to help out in whatever ways she can.

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