Teacher Profile: Alexander DeNolfo

Alexander DeNolfo

Alexander DeNolfo

Instrument(s): Guitar, Music Production, Music Theory, Piano

City: Seattle

Education: Temple University

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    About Alexander DeNolfo

    Alexander DeNolfo is a music producer, songwriter, and musician based in Seattle, Washington. He started writing music from a young age using any instrument he could find, including the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. He studied classical piano starting at 9 years old and continued on through his college career. He was also part of a jazz ensemble and was responsible for playing the drums.

    In college, Alex enjoyed his recording engineering classes as they were primarily focused on getting the highest quality recording possible. He was also a rower for Temple University and competed at the collegiate level. He credits this sport for teaching him the art of discipline and commitment. Later on, Alex became enlightened by the capabilities of working in a Digital Audio Workstation. Cultivating the ability to play an instrument and also record it, and expand upon the idea in incredible depth within the software is something that Alex says "will never get old for me".

    Alex believes that teaching children the fundamentals of an instrument, while also teaching them the capabilities of expression through a Digital Audio Workstation can have incredible benefits to the development of young mind. His favorite genres and music styles include electronic beats and ambient music. Some artists that inspire him are Billy Lemos, Flume, Petit Biscuit, and Ford.

    Outside of his study of music, Alex enjoys the outdoors. Anything that will get him into the fresh air is worthwhile, including nature walks, swimming, mountain biking, etc. He teaches a wide range of students, from beginner to advanced, the fundamentals of music production within the DAW Logic Pro X. Having worked in various levels of the industry, creating successful songs, and getting label placements, he feels more than qualified to teach this fantastic craft to anyone who is up to the challenge. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. His motto is "always stay curious and enjoy the process!".

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