Teacher Profile: Ahra Yoo

Ahra Yoo

Ahra Yoo

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Ahra Yoo

    Ahra Yoo was born in Seoul, Korea. After completing her BA in Organ Performance, she came to the USA in 2006 to pursue graduate studies in organ with Dr. Carole Terry at the University of Washington. While in her program, she was active both as a performer with other instrumentalists and as a solo performer.

    She recently completed her doctoral program, submitting a dissertation entitled “Alexander Technique and Organ Performance”. Ahra's research in this area taught her that constant "body awareness" rooted in a well-balanced posture is one of the important things for students to develop in order to prevent any injuries or pain while playing and practicing.

    The private lesson is a deeply personal interaction between student and teacher. Every musician has different strengths and areas that need improvement. Through the lesson, an insightful teacher helps students develop their strengths and make improvements by gently guiding and encouraging.

    Ahra helps her students explore the interpretation of music by helping develop both their technique and their innate musicality, and to enjoy the experience of making music at the keyboard.

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