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Find pinecrest%C2%A0 guitar Lessons In With Our Private pinecrest%C2%A0 guitar Teachers

Laneise Collier

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Atlanta

As a very young girl Laneise used to stand around various leaders at
church as they played the piano or organ and just watch in amazement.
This led her parents to believe she had an active interest in music and
she began playing piano at the young age of 5 years old. Once she
entered middle school she…

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Jordan Trimarchi

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Denver

Jordan has been playing music in one form or another since before he can remember. After playing various instruments as a child, including cello, trumpet, violin and piano, he began playing the guitar at the age of 11. Shortly after beginning to learn guitar, he developed a chronic illness which went undiag…

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Michael Laird

Instrument(s): Horns, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Voice

City: Atlanta

Michael is a retired Army veteran, having served 21 years as a soldier and musician in the US Army Band Program. He served in Hawaii, Panama, Korea, and all over the United States. In the Army band he served as oboe player, musical section leader, Drum Major, and the founder and director for the Tropic Lightn…

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Jeseth Griffith

Instrument(s): Piano, Singing, Voice

City: Atlanta

A good music instructor goes beyond just showing a student how to play an instrument instrument — she also inspires a love and appreciation for music and challenges her students to believe and understand that they, too, can become great! This job is one that Jeseth Griffith does not take lightly and one tha…

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JP Garnette

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Atlanta

JP Garnette is a drummer with over a decade of playing under his belt. Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, JP now lives in the Atlanta area. He started playing drums years ago in middle school and quickly realized that it was what he anted to do with his life. He spent time playing in different bands,…

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Dylan Rye

Dylan Rye is a brass specialist and piano instructor with Lessons In Your Home and has been an active teacher since 2012. He has worked with both sectionals in school ensembles and private students in his teaching, and he is versed in trumpet (primary instrument), trombone, tuba, euphonium, and french horn. …

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Andres Diaz

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Denver

Since picking up his oldest sister’s guitar at the age of 11, Andrés Diaz has immersed himself in mastering various styles of guitar. Drawing from an early love of classical guitar, he studied privately for several years before branching out to embrace folk, rock and pop styles of guitar as well. Andrés b…

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Stephen Nettles

Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Voice

City: Orlando

Stephen Nettles is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter from Orlando, Florida. He began playing guitar while in high school in 2007 and quickly became involved with several church bands. He completed a School of Worship in 2010 before beginning college.
Stephen graduated from Rollins College in 20…

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Zorica Pavlovic

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

Zorica Pavlovi is a graduate of Eastman School of Music with MM in voice performance and literature where she studied with mezzo-soprano Kathryn Cowdrick. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from Georgia State University. Ms. Pavlovi has performed with number of organizations including Atlanta Opera, At…

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An Tran

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, An Tran is an avid pianist, violinist, and rising composer. He began his music journey at the early grade of kindergarten with piano lessons. He would soon go on to also pick up violin in 4th grade, courtesy of his school’s string program. An would learn to love playing …

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What Families Say About Us

Why Guitar Lessons?

The question you may be asking right now is, why guitar? The guitar is an incredibly unique and special instrument. It is a blend of many wonderful instruments like the harp, the violin, and even the drum, to create a wonderfully melodic instrument that is relatively simple to learn. Every genre of music in our culture relies on guitar and your child may be the next prodigy to bring music and guitar to the next level! The most important step in learning how to play guitar is to find an experienced guitar teacher who’s both motivational and fun.

While kids see playing guitar as something fun and cool, Parents can rest assured that their child is learning a critical skill that goes beyond having fun. Learning to play an instrument, especially one like guitar, helps children acquire and develop important critical listening skills, helps with focus and attention, and even stimulates them cognitively, all while providing a constructive hobby for them to engage with. Learning how to match your strumming hand with your fingering hand helps children with sensory motor integration, timing, and rhythm.

Most parents know that music can enrich a child’s life. One of the regrets many parents have is not learning to play an instrument. Lessons in Your Home, specializes in private in home (or school) guitar lessons for kids. While we do have many adult learners, the vast majority of our students are kids. We cater to all ages as young as kindergarten on.

pinecrest%C2%A0 guitar Lessons For Kids

The guitar is easily one of the most popular instruments for beginner musicians. Even so, new musicians will find that they can begin feeling more comfortable with the Guitar faster when they get private guitar lessons vs trying to learn it on their own.

Getting pinecrest%C2%A0 guitar Lessons Near You

Lessons In Your Home makes it easy to find an instructor living in your area. We have guitar teachers living around the country that are eager to help you learn how to play! Lessons In Your Home has teachers ready to start lessons right away. Looking for an even more convenient option? We also offer virtual lessons via Zoom or Skype!

What are some secret tips for a student’s first guitar lesson?

For your first guitar lesson, you need a guitar that can be purchased at any music shop. Some students buy pretty guitars or the nicest brands, it is up to you. Sometimes guitars come with tuners, strap, and picks, which are essential for playing the guitar as well. Our teachers will bring any materials or books that your student might need. Here’s an insider’s secret that most people forget, guitar players need music stands! Music stands help students read materials at eye level and organize music where the student can read and play. Follow these tips for a successful first guitar lesson in !

How Many Guitar Lessons Will My Child Need?

A child who begins guitar lessons should expect to learn a lot right away. In fact, with a little practice they will be playing a song or two with in 2 lessons! There are not many instruments with that fast pay-off for learning – that is why so many people want to learn how to play guitar. You can go to your local music store and get a beginner’s guitar for less than a $100 that sounds good and will last a lifetime! So you want to learn how to play guitar? All you have to do is sign up for guitar lessons!

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