What Can My Rock Guitar Student Play at a Recital?

Rock Guitar Student Rocks Recitals!   One of the most universal goals for students taking music lessons is to have the opportunity to perform. That’s why talent shows, showcases, open mics, and concerts are such a popular forum. It’s a gift to be able to share your musical talents and achievements with an audience, and

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Three Signs Your Guitar Lessons Are Going Well

What Is Guitar Lessons Success? As teachers we are always trying to evaluate ourselves and our lessons. There are many ways to measure success; here are three easy things to look at that indicate lessons are going well.   Happy To See You! First, when you show up to your lesson, instead of the student

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Play Music With Other People – Music Conversation

If you’ve been taking music lessons for long enough, you’re going to want to eventually play music with other people.  Playing music with other people can be a very rewarding, beautiful experience.  Chances are, you have also heard  your fair share of musicians playing together, just observing and listening.  You may have made some observations

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How To Start A Family Band

This article covers some of the basic ways to get an ensemble started amongst siblings and/or friends. You don’t have to reach a certain level of proficiency to be able to participate and benefit from the experience, but with some guidelines for arranging, the results can be fabulous!