Music Is More Valuable Then Math

Music Students Learn To Make Decisions Faster And Better Then Most

There is a general list of why its important to take music lessons. The main one we think of is Math.  An often over looked benefit and what I believe the most important of all, is the ability to make a decision. Who wouldn’t want to be better at making decisions and what important figure in history doesn’t make decisions well?


Why Private Lessons Help Students Be Better Decision Makers

Music Lessons
Make a decision about music!

From the first moments of your first piano lesson you’re asked to make a decision. Your teacher asks you to see if you can play a note “louder” and then you have to use as little or much as you know to try. In making this initial decision you learn if your choice was correct, you get positively reinforced. If not, you get a gentle and quick lesson and a chance to make the decision again, then on to the next decision.


Decisions About Work You’ve Done

Imagine you’re taking a guitar lesson and you’ve practiced all week on your favorite rock and roll song. You pull out your guitar, play the song for your guitar teacher, and then wait for a reaction. Your guitar teacher says “how does this song make you feel or what do you want this song to mean or say”. Once again, you have to make a decision. He asks you to play the piece again and now you’re making decisions on things you’ve already worked on. Learning to make your first decisions better.


You Learn A Valuable Lesson By Making Choices About Music

Music Lessons
Play The Piano

Maybe the best lesson a music lesson student learns, is that the decisions we make, we can change or feel differently about after we’ve made them. We get some to rethink our decision, self examine, and hone in our decision making process often. This teaches us perspective because in music, it’s possible to play a passage and feel one way without realizing you’re playing it in a way that doesn’t make the listener feel the same way you do. And you do this over and over and over again until without realizing it, you’re making so many decisions and so quickly you’ve become an expert decision maker.


More Important Then Math

Is this benefit of being able to make decisions by taking private music lessons more important then math? I think so. Because take the student that has a hard time in math and you’ll find that that it’s not that they can’t do it. It’s that the lack the confidence to make a decision and then learn from it. There you go, I said it; “Forget math and learn to play an instrument.” Then you’ll get better at Math.

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