Beginner Piano Students Can Memorize

Using Your Ears to Memorize Songs for Beginner Piano Students   This article is for teachers of beginner piano students who are memorizing a song. The focus here is making sure the student knows the overall melody and structure of a piece away from the piano to facilitate smooth recollection while playing.   For beginner

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Matt Owen – Guitar, Composition, Piano Lessons In Dallas TX

Guitar, Composition, and Piano Lessons In Dallas TX Piano Lessons In Dallas TX just got a little more fun! We’d like to introduce you to Matthew Owen, a Dallas native, received his Bachelors in Music from University of North Texas in May 2014. He teaches piano, guitar, music theory, composition, and music production. Guitar Lesson

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My Music Career Journey

If this article about the career journey of one of our Lessons In Your Home teachers seems like a shameless pitch, there’s a reason: it sort of is. Read about how Heather Johnston started out with the company eight years ago as a senior in college, thanks to a small ad in Creative Loafing. Her story just might resonate with you.

Music Teachers Travel On Curvy Roads

Music Teachers walk through many doors into many houses to teach many students and the students are wildly different from one another. Attitude, talent, work ethic, mental endurance are all unique to each person. I’m always thinking about how much my students teach me and, which is probably about as much as I teach them.

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Atlanta Piano and Guitar Lessons, Who’s your teacher?

I recently was at the airport and in the security line when I noticed a couple of young people who where wearing a sweater from Saint Martin Episcopal School. Being that Lessons In Your Home teaches private piano and guitar lessons at this fantastic Atlanta school. I asked the parents if the children attended to

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What are those instruments playing? Learning how to listen

It’s a bit of a cliché to say this, but I love to listen to music.  You could safely assume that all musicians love to listen to music, but you might not know that it can be a really challenging thing to do.   It’s a skill you can practice and improve upon.  My ability to

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