What does doing well in a recital mean? A young piano student does his best!

Doing well at a recital means you did your best. Since “your best” is different for everyone student recitals are as varied a rainbow. Every teacher has their own thoughts and ideas about how to get a student to perform, but my favorite advise is to teach students their playing for the piece itself. In

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Should you stay or should you go? Dinner Party Music! Rock Guitar Music Lessons

It’s nice to get word of positive things that our students do. Over the last holiday season wile at a parents friends house the kids overheard some magical words from the hosts mouth, “we have a music room downstairs”. When you play guitar the rest is history….Instant jam session. Here’s the video:Dinner Party Jam Session

You’re Doing What? Piano Lessons

YOU’RE DOING WHAT?! Piano Lessons Younger students who practice their piano lesson material are always impressive. It’s a sign of high character and good values. It’s also an indication that someone in the home values the music lesson and the more people valuing music lessons, the better. Some students have a hard time making time

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Develop Future Musicians – One In Home Lesson At A Time

LESSONS IN YOUR HOME LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE TO HELP DEVELOP FUTURE MUSICIANS IN 6 CITIES Atlanta Based Company Brings Creative Revolution to Professional Private Music Education ATLANTA – Oct 01, 2011 – Lessons In Your Home, (LIYH) a professional music school without walls, today announced it has launched a new website designed to make it

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What Music Students learn if they don’t practice?

Practice is important and fundamental in becoming a successful musician; but how important is practice to having successful music lessons? There are those teachers out there that practice a policy of exclusion, “practice your instrument or don’t take lessons (at least not with me). ”  This post aims to examine what else our students learn

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Great Music Teachers Evolve! Piano Teacher

GREAT TEACHERS – NOT ALWAYS! Very few of the finest music teachers set out to teach. In fact most of us were set on never becoming teachers at all. We are and were performers; wanna-be rock stars (maybe still for me), classical players, jazz artists, composers, singers, songwriters, and anything but music teachers. But that

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