Miami Banjo Lessons for Kids and Children

The banjo is an easy and fun instrument for kids to learn! The set-up is simple, and it's easy to find banjos that are light and easy for children to handle. Children, starting as early as five years old, can learn how to play the banjo. Banjo music shines in fun styles of music, from rock, country, and blues! Your kid will be strumming along with their favorite folk tunes in no time! Lessons in Your Home banjo teachers are patient, caring, and dedicated to making banjo lessons for kids stimulating and fun!

Find Banjo Lessons

Lessons in Your Home is a nationwide company that serves the entire Miami/South Florida area. Our instructors will come to your home! They are ready to begin immediately. Enjoy studying the banjo in the convenience of your residence. Children can feel comfortable when they can play and learn the banjo within their creative surroundings! We also offer virtual music lessons on all online platforms! Contact us today to set up your first banjo lesson!