Katy Violin Lessons For Kids

Violin lessons are great for kids to be continually mentally and socially stimulated through opportunities to participate in their school orchestra programs as well as in competitive youth orchestras such as the Katy Youth Symphony, the Houston Youth String Orchestra, Virtuosi of Houston, and the Houston Youth Symphony. Our teachers work closely with these youth orchestras and help students prepare for their auditions, learn concert repertoire, and gain confidence in their musical skills. We also hold bi-annual recitals in which students can perform solo repertoire. Children can start learning to play the violin as early as age 3, most commonly beginning around the ages 4 and 5. Violin lessons help significantly with brain development which is particularly beneficial at a young age. Our teachers use many different methods including the Suzuki Method which is specifically targeted for violin beginners as young as age 3.

Getting Katy Violin Lessons Near You

Katy is one of Houston’s largest suburbs, and being so we have many violin teachers that can come to you. Whether your child goes to Katy Elementary, WoodCreek Elementary, Katy Junior High School, or Katy High School to name a few, you can have a qualified violin teacher come to your home. Living in a suburb of Houston you may find the need to drive up I-10 occasionally for various needs in the city, but at Lessons In Your Home we know this can be exhausting as well as time consuming, and so we bring private music lessons to you. We also offer lessons via Skype and Zoom. Learning an instrument is a fantastic hobby for your child with a wide range of cognitive and social benefits, and at Lessons In Your Home we bring teachers to your home to make music lessons fun and convenient for the whole family. Contact us today to find a violin teacher for your child and get started playing music!