Teacher Profile: Sarah Farbman

Sarah Farbman

Sarah Farbman

Instrument(s): Bassoon, Flute, Recorder

City: Denver


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About Sarah Farbman

Sarah made her musical debut at an early age, crashing pot lids
together underfoot in the kitchen. Formal music training followed
when she started piano lessons at age 5. Sarah's musical
pursuits continued throughout her education, as she studied
several instruments, including flute, bassoon, guitar, banjo and
voice, and joined as many ensembles as time and gas money
would allow. While earning a B.A. at Grinnell College, Sarah
continued to pursue music, studying the flute privately and
taking part in several college ensembles, including a flute
ensembles creatively named Fresh Flutes.

Sarah has worked as a classroom teacher, athletic coach, and
academic tutor. While she loves working with students in any
setting, she finds sharing her passion for music to be the best
kind of teaching.

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