Teacher Profile: Ryan Taillon

Ryan Taillon

Ryan Taillon

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Houston


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About Ryan Taillon

Ryan sang "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" before he could even say his first word. To say that he has always loved music would be an understatement. Picking up his first guitar at the age of 12. Ryan was immediately drawn to the likes of "The Beatles's", "The Rolling Stones", and "The Who". Soon Ryan would be playing in bands all over his hometown. This would lead him to winning 1st Place in a Songwriting Showcase at Emerson College. With songwriting at the heart of Ryan's passion for music he decided to dive into music theory to expand his knowledge ever farther.

In 2013 Ryan Taillon became the Worship Pastor at Houston Fellowship Church, playing live every Sunday to a congregation. Ryan oversees all aspects of music and media for the church, organizing the melodic parts of songs, auditioning, and teaching his fellow band members weekly.

Ryan has been teaching private and group music lessons for twelve years. Seeing his students get more confidence in their musical abilities is one of his biggest passions. Ryan believes that advancing his students song writing ability will help them get an understanding of who they what to be as an artist. This ultimately will give them confidence in music but in different aspects of life as well. Ryan's teaching style is nurturing, individualized and most importantly fun.

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