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Neil Kaplan

Neil Kaplan

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Neil Kaplan

Neil Kaplan began his musical life at the age of 11, started his own band at age 13, and has been going strong ever since. With degrees in music from Miami Dade College, Florida State University, and University of Miami, Neil appreciates the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with clients, listeners, and students.

He is an accomplished performer on drums, guitar, electric bass, and vocals. He is the music director and owner of South Florida's New Attitude Productions, as well as the leader of The Horizons Band. The band performs all around the area, providing live entertainment for corporate and social events. He works as entertainment consultant and music contractor for local event companies.

Neil believes that everyone can benefit from direct participation in music. Learning an instrument helps bring out the student's creativity, but the benefits go much further... from appreciation of music performances to development of reasoning skills. The satisfaction achieved from learning to perform music can enhance a student's self esteem, especially as they begin sharing those newly developed skills with listeners.

Neil's teaching experience includes: graduate assistantship at FSU and UM, jazz director at MDC, and private instructor with his own student clients. He has worked with private students and performing ensembles on styles such as jazz, pop, Latin, blues, and rock. Whether the student is interested in a career in music, or just in being able to play and sing his/her favorite songs, Neil's guidance can help bring about those goals.

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