Teacher Profile: Nathan Payne

Nathan Payne

Nathan Payne

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Saxophone

City: Atlanta


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About Nathan Payne

Inspired from the love of music by his father, Nathaniel
Jay Payne always found an instrument in his hands. At an
early age he particularly favored the alto saxophone and
excelled throughout grade-school in his musical
performance. Although he was raised in a small town he
held leadership positions in multiple large group
ensembles. Nathaniel during adolescence aspired to take
on new instruments and ventured to explore the many
vast outlets of music theory. From that point on he was
playing everywhere from bars to churches, and playing
music styles from classical, contemporary, or even metal
pieces all the way too some of your southern rock
favorites or mellow one-drop reggae hits.

Drove by curiosity and passion he moved himself
right into the heart of Los Angeles California in order to
further his musical knowledge and desire to master the
basses (Electric, Upright, and Synth) at the age of
nineteen. After pushing his abilities to the next level
achieving an Associate of Performing Arts at the
prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Nathaniel
graduated at the top of his class and received the Most
Outstanding Student Award in 2014. Not only meeting and
being instructed by some of the top music performers and
clinicians of today including; Putter Smith, Maurice
Verloop, Stanley Clarke, David Keif, and Stu Hamm, Nathan
has experienced environments both urban and rural only
assisting to expanding his concept of the musical worldly

Now holding the ability to not only wield his instruments
with confidence, but also enjoy the communion of many
personalities and cultures, he strives only for the
continuing growth and spread of the amazing power
within music. Furthermore, in his early twenties he moved
back home to obtain his certification to substitute in
public schools from the Union County Board of Education.
He also completed core classes on a health care science
certificate, and even continued to play in local college and
community jazz and big band ensembles as well as a
private family band. Now he currently resides in the Duluth
area of Atlanta where he composes and arranges his own
repertoire and is currently taking on music education full
time both in the studio and in the home.

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