Teacher Profile: Lana Stransky

Lana Stransky

Lana Stransky

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Lana Stransky

Lana Stransky was born in Bikin, Russia. Music and art were always very important to her mother and Lana attributes her love of music and art directly to her.

She grew up in Germany where she attended school. She fell in love with Mozart after visiting his birthplace. Lana started playing piano at age 4. Her Musical carrier had begun.

Lana received a diploma from the Rava Russkaya Music School. She studied at Tver University for 5 years and graduated with a Masters in Arts. Lana has visited 27 countries and has lived in 9. In each she has studied and and taught. She says "life is art and art is life".

In addition to teaching piano in Miami, Lana also helps students play guitar and sing. It's a self taught art for her but one she loves to share.

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