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Kimberly Cook

Kimberly Cook

Instrument(s): Bassoon, Music In Your School Specialist, Oboe, Piano

City: Atlanta


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About Kimberly Cook

Having nearly 20 years of classical & baroque training, being a musician has always been Kimberly's life goal. At age 10, just before the start of middle school, Kimberly was formally introduced to the bassoon. Having no private instructor during the beginner years, the aid of video records of various orchestras & solo Bassoon performances was heavily relied upon. Throughout her high school years, where she studied under direction of her band leader, Kimberly placed 1st chair in various band clinics, regional band, & Superior ratings on for solo bassoon. While also having the opportunity to travel & perform throughout Europe for percussion.

In the year of 2005, Kimberly was awarded as the first female recipient of the Lorraine Paris Music Scholarship from her high school band program. During her college years, Kimberly learned how to play the piano as a part of her music education at Middle Tennessee State University. She then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Music Performance & Music Theory degree. While at MTSU, Kimberly was heavily involved in the MTSU Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, various chamber ensembles, Symphonic Band, Naxos recordings with the MTSU Wind Ensemble, & much more.

As much performing success that has come, teaching others piano and bassoon is the most rewarding of all. For the past several years, Kimberly has been a teacher to children & (young) adults of all ages & levels. Most recently having a student awarded a full scholarship on the bassoon to Alabama State University. Being fortunate enough to study under one of the best bassoonist in the country (Gil Perel) has allowed her to pass along the best teachings that can be given. All students are provided a list of required material before their first session. We, as musicians, can often times get discouraged about our playing and/or teaching abilities. Not only does Kimberly allow her students to continuously grow as performers, teachers, & artists, she also provide them with extra support to ensure that they can feel the love of music in every note that they play.

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