Teacher Profile: Jeff Rankin

Jeff Rankin

Jeff Rankin

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Orlando


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About Jeff Rankin

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Jeff discovered guitar at an early age. He
was a student at the prestigious Peabody Conservatory, where he also
studied privately with Larry Hoffman, a Grammy nominated guitarist.

Gigs in local rock bands followed, then he joined the first of several
touring bands. He has played all around the country, as well as in
Mexico and the Caribbean, and on cruise ships. His experience in bands
playing many different styles of music has helped him to forge his own
distinctive, versatile guitar style. At home in the recording studio as
well, he has composed and produced rock and techno tracks for "Digital
Juice", and "Florida Film and Tape".

He currently teaches and performs locally in the Orlando area with the
rock band "Radio Nemesis", and is also part of an acoustic duo, "The
Rogues". Jeff has great patience and attention to detail, which enables
him to help his students naturally develop their skills on their
instrument and maintain their enthusiasm and love for music.

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