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Carlos Rincon

Carlos Rincon

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Carlos Rincon

Colombia is a country of vast mountainous regions, exotic plants and animals, a rich culture of mixed artistic flavors, and people who are among the warmest, most humble beings on Earth. This is the place where Carlos Rincon was born. Located on the Colombian Pacific East Coast, his hometown of Cali was the place where he spent most of his early childhood. The place that he loves the most, the source of his inspiration, is the place to which he has not been to in over a decade, ever since he embarked on his musical journey from an early age.

In it's humble beginnings, Carlos' passion for music came at the age of 7, when he was given his first guitar as a birthday present from his parents. He immediately decided that he wanted to absorb as much information as he could, while he further developed his studies on the instrument.
From this moment on, he realized he would never look back. After two years of playing gigs with the band around the city, Carlos' family decided to move to Miami. This is what he wanted to do the most for the first couple of years that he lived in the U.S.

It is during these times that he found a new way of musical expression on the guitar, the Spanish Classical Guitar. It fascinated him. There was nothing else he would rather do than to expand his repertoire of classical guitar pieces. He also began teaching younger local students who were interested in the learning the instrument.

After some years of studying Classical, and being completely self taught, he decided to audition at the University of Miami Conservatory of Music, and at the age of 14, he was a recipient of a full scholarship to attend the Conservatory. There, he studied with Classical Guitar Masters, Rafael Padron, Rene Gonzales, Gerardo Perez, and master clinician from Spain, Iliana Matos. All of which are considered to be among the best in the world.

Carlos spent the next couple of years fully dedicated to his craft as a Classical Guitarist. He had the opportunity to perform in front of large crowds on various guitar concerts, festivals, as well as competitions all over North and South America, always winning first place. In addition, he began to play with local South Florida Blues Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Funk bands on the side, which he felt would complement his studies on the instrument.

At the age of 16, Carlos heard about Berklee College of Music, and thought it would be a good idea to check it out after finishing his studies at the Conservatory.A year later, he auditioned, and was a recipient of the World Scholarship Tour to attend Berklee, and began his studies there as soon as he graduated from high school and finished his studies at the Conservatory.

When Carlos began his studies at Berklee in 2006 he got much more in touch with his musical creativity, learned from the best music teachers in the world, and explored the music scene while playing with other musicians. During this time, he got hired by multiple local G.B Funk Bands in Boston, and began playing shows every week, sometimes three or four times a week. The gigs he has performed range from private parties, to weddings, to community events, to music festivals in New York City, Boston, and South Florida. Currently working as a full time music teacher in the South Florida area, I now teach students of all ages as well as the instruments piano, guitar, drums, and bass.

Carlos says "Working on music has always been a great passion of mine. Since the first time I was able to hold an instrument in my hand, having no idea of what I was doing. Not knowing yet what it was, I knew it was something deeply special, and it fascinated me. This is what has led me to the field of music teaching, and thus why I am a music teacher. I have a notion that this helps me understand the miracle of music, and how to use it to help others in their every day musical experience.

Throughout the course of my life, I have been part of numerous projects involving teaching. I have many things to offer as a fellow musician and teacher to anyone who might be in need of these skills. I am a Berklee graduate, where my experience as a professional session guitar player, producer, and teacher were all forged into my career path."

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