Founded on one proven principle, Lessons In Your Home believes:

Teach the student and the method will follow. Students are unique, so we teach them as individuals. With Lessons In Your Home, the next page will always be an adventure.

Throughout the years we have come to believe that our lessons are most appreciated in your home. Unlike some room at a music store, your home is naturally nurturing. The teacher feels more like family than a teacher. Your home becomes a conservatory, and the student becomes a part of our family.

Bellevue, WA Baritone Lessons

Emily Wienand — Director of our Bellevue Lessons In Your Home programs — wants to hear from you!

Looking for private in-home baritone lessons? Our Bellevue teachers are ready to get you started.

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How We Schedule Teachers And Students

The most important job we do is bringing you the right teacher. It's a process we take great pride in. Here is the process in short:

First, we find out as much as we can about our future students — including age, goals, and experience.

We consider this information — as well as your location and the days and times you are available — in determining which teacher or teachers on our staff would be the best match.

Our lessons are weekly sessions, each of which lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student's situation.

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People ask us...

What happens if our family is out of town for summer vacations?
We understand that summers are a busy time of year due to vacations, camps, etc. Therefore, in the summer, we offer pro-rated billing for lessons, which means you only pay for the lessons you schedule in the designated summer months (varies by Lessons In Your Home location).
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